The synthetic grass industry is going from strength to strength with a healthy increase in the number of people who are converting their natural grass lawns to new synthetic grass lawns. The moves have been prompted by a number of factors such as areas that are in drought and are experiencing heightened water restrictions that have made it difficult to keep a lawn alive.

Artificial grass has come a long way in terms of the technological enhancements. Improvements are being made to ensure the grass is safe to use and will continue to be safe as it ages. A lot of work is also being put into the appearance of residential synthetic grass to ensure that it looks as near in appearance as natural grass as possible. These days it is very difficult to tell that the lush green lawn that you are admiring is actually fake grass.

A similar but separate industry is the synthetic turf industry that supplies and installs artificial turf surfaces for sporting arenas, playgrounds, schools and other commercial locations. Like the residential synthetic grass manufacturers the makers of this turf have made huge advancements in the quality and reliability of their products. Factors such as the safety of the athletes using it and the effect the surface has on the way each sport is played on it have been taken into careful consideration in the past and will continue to be significant factors in the future.

It is not necessary to pay to have your artificial grass installed for you although it is the most common option that is chosen. DIY artificial grass installation is certainly an option for those who are confident in their ability to work with their hands. In fact, installing artificial grass is a straightforward procedure if you use the right tools and follow the tried and true methods that the professionals use. That being said, there are many important steps to understand when you learn how to install a synthetic lawn including the preparation that should go into the under surface, the materials you will need to complete the job and the method you should follow to ensure the end result is satisfactory. At the very least pick up a self-installation guide from your nearest artificial grass distributor. This will give you the best opportunity of doing a thorough job.

Of prime concern is the safety of synthetic turf products that are used in playgrounds, day care centers and schools. The fact that young children tend to get closer to the surface of the turf in the course of their play means that they are going to have a closer experience with the materials used. It is vital that all aspects concerning the health risks surrounding these products are explored and the results are released to the public. This is exactly what has happened over the last few years.

Specialist areas are being catered to at a far greater level these days as the synthetic grass suppliers recognize the growing demand for quality surfaces. Golfers can now enjoy the advantages of having their own backyard putting green available just outside the door. Artificial putting greens are nothing new however they are becoming more accessible to the average person with the standard of the surfaces available now almost matching the quality of a top level golf course.

We are also finding that your average artificial grass manufacturer is focusing their product lines on a suitable type of artificial lawn for the family pet. For dog and cat owners who are looking for a synthetic grass lawn but are afraid that installing it wouldn’t be fair on their pets, we are now assured that so called pet grass provides an ideal environment for a dog or a cat.

The aim of Synthetic Grass Info is to provide you with as much information as possible about synthetic grass products without submitting to bias about any specific products. There are many artificial grass manufacturers in the market today and most of them provide quality products and services. As new developments are reported here and elsewhere you should find that you have enough valuable information to arm yourself so that you may be able to make a decision over whether you should install synthetic grass at your house.

The synthetic grass pros and cons are real issues that often incite spirited discussion with definite opinions formed on both sides. The aim at Synthetic Grass Info is to present the pros and cons associated with synthetic grass with as much detail as possible but with every effort to maintain an unbiased view on the subject.

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