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Entries for October, 2008

The Extra Advantage of Artificial Grass

You will find these days that in our bid to seek alternative measures that will reduce our impact on the planet some people are coming up with ideas that seem a little strange. I’ve got to confess to you, when you read this article you’re going to believe that this is another of those weird […]

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Synthetic Grass For Bowling Greens

Bowling clubs around Australia faced with the prospect of maintaining their bowling greens through water restrictions and harsh climatic conditions now have a product they can use to replace their existing, ailing greens. TigerTurf, through its Australian distributor Henselite provide a product known as Bowlsweave, a synthetic grass surface that has been specially made for […]

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A Synthetic Grass Replaced and One Needed

A replacement synthetic turf installation has been required at the Dacotah Field on the North Dakota State University campus. The cost of the replacement synthetic turf is $355,000. Athletic Director Gene Taylor says that if the weather cooperates, the project could be wrapped up by early November. The NDSU football team will practice on it, […]

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The Grass Is Synthetic

Artificial grass has a history that starts back in the 1950s and was prompted by a social desire to get youngsters in the United States to get out and exercise more regularly. Also referred to as synthetic grass, scientists developed it so that not only would children be able to keep playing regardless of the […]

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Why Synthetic Grass

There are numerous advantages to installing synthetic grass not the least of them is that it benefits our planet. The most obvious first point to make is that when you install artificial grass you are getting beautiful and fade resistant grass that will remain green all year round. It doesn’t matter what the climate is […]

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