A replacement synthetic turf installation has been required at the Dacotah Field on the North Dakota State University campus. The cost of the replacement synthetic turf is $355,000.

Athletic Director Gene Taylor says that if the weather cooperates, the project could be wrapped up by early November.

The NDSU football team will practice on it, and the soccer team will also use the new field.

* * *

The perfect example of why synthetic grass sports fields are becoming more of a necessity has been displayed at Stewart Field, Grays Harbor, Washington. The condition of the field has deteriorated badly enough to the point where the Homecoming football game has had to be relocated to Hoquiam.

The middle of Stewart Field is a strip of sand and mud and is simply unsuitable for football. Where there is grass closer to the sidelines, the turf is uneven and shifts which also makes it dangerous.
“Save Our Stewart Field,” a 20-person group that includes Aberdeen School District personnel and community members, launched a fundraising drive last June to install artificial turf at the Aberdeen stadium by the 2009 season.

They are still hoping to raise a further $200,000 in donations before work can be considered to have the new synthetic grass field installed.