Bowling clubs around Australia faced with the prospect of maintaining their bowling greens through water restrictions and harsh climatic conditions now have a product they can use to replace their existing, ailing greens. TigerTurf, through its Australian distributor Henselite provide a product known as Bowlsweave, a synthetic grass surface that has been specially made for use on bowling greens.

Bowling clubs such the Gawler Bowling Club whose 3 existing Tiftdwarf couch greens at were suffering from the lack of water and costly maintenance have appointed TigerTurf to construct and install 3 new Bowlsweave synthetic grass surfaces. The new synthetic grass surface gives the ability to offer the greens for use on a daily basis as well as being able to maintain a lush green look all year round.

TigerTurf’s Bowlsweave is 100% UV stabilised polypropylene woven material and regarded as the elite synthetic grass surface of choice for most clubs. Bowlsweave provides a consistent and durable surfacing requiring minimal maintenance and provides comparable speeds to free running natural greens. Not to mention being available 365 days a year for play. The Gawler club chose the ‘couch’ colour option which best replicates natural couch grass.

The money spent of installing the synthetic grass is made back by the clubs in savings on watering, spraying and a reduction in lost green fees through unplayable conditions.