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Entries for November, 2008

Synthetic Grass Shoes

Old time football shoes used screw-in studs to stop players from slipping over on the grass surfaces. With the introduction of synthetic grass surfaces there has been a necessity it design a new style of football shoes sole, one that will be better suited to the synthetic grass surface. There are a number of sports […]

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Artificial Grass to Replace Traditional Lawn in SoCal

Such is the ridiculous nature of some local government ordinances and by-laws, a situation In California has thrown up one of the problems with just trying to do the right thing. While one neighbour was informed that her artificial grass lawn that earned her an award for home-beautification was in violation of a city ban […]

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AFL Looking At Synthetic Grass Ovals

With many regional Victorian football leagues being forced to cut back on the number of games that could be played during the last year because of drought, the AFL is looking at the possibility of playing the game on synthetic grass surfaces. By midway through the season, many ovals in country areas are deemed unsafe […]

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Sand Filled Artificial Grass Tennis Court Maintenance

The common types of synthetic grass surfaced tennis courts are known as sand-filled artificial grass tennis courts. These surfaces are designed to cope with high traffic situations such as you would expect on a sporting surface. The hard-wearing nature of the surface means that it will be coping with compaction, adverse weather conditions and the […]

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Synthetic Grass v Natural Grass – The Rate Of Injury

The likelihood of a greater incidence of injury occurring due to a synthetic grass surface has been noted. This has been due to the increased speed made possible on synthetic grass which results in an increased probability of higher collision forces between players, resulting in increased severity of injuries. However, the blame of this increase […]

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Synthetic Grass Injuries – Turf Toe

For all of the great benefits that come with using a synthetic turf surface on football fields, it’s perhaps inevitable that there are also going to be the introduction of new injuries that would occur less frequently on a natural grass surface. The injury in question occurs to football players and has been given the […]

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