Another study into the toxicity of synthetic grass has been released in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. It has revealed that there were harmful chemicals such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), chromium and lead is almost every single sample taken. Not only that but arsenic and cadmium were detected in most samples.

The study was performed after recent media and regulatory concerns that were raised about artificial grass. There were a couple of goals focused on with the study. The first was to measure the toxic chemicals in the artificial turf samples the y took and the second was to determine is the chemicals were bioavailable to humans.

The study found that PAHs were present in every sample tested. Levels of total-PAH approached 40 parts per million (ppm) in some samples with many of the samples exceeding the health-based standards for soil.

It means that the reports in the media have been supported by the studies. There is reason to be concerned over the toxic materials to be found in synthetic grass and it is possible that a health risk may be posed to those using the fields. It has further shown that many of the chemicals found could migrate out of the field’s materials and into people during digestion. This assumes that playing on the fields will result in small pieces of the synthetic grass getting into people‚Äôs mouth which are then swallowed.

As the artificial grass fields are getting older and becoming more prone to breaking up, there is more chance that the small pieces of contaminants are taken from the playing surface and spread across surrounding areas.

The theory that the toxicity of synthetic grass would be solved by replacing older grass with the newer models were shown to be not quite true with the finding that rubber granules often, especially when the synthetic turf fields were newer, contained PAHs at levels above health-based soil standards
There will undoubtedly be more to hear about these synthetic grass findings in future stories and findings.