Browsing through the products of the various synthetic grass suppliers you can’t help but notice that most of them sell a pet synthetic grass line separately to the other types of synthetic grasses. So the question must be asked: what is the difference between pet grass and the rest of the artificial grasses available?

According to the makers of K9 Grass pet synthetic grass is different to other synthetic grass types because it has a special odor-fighting design and is even more durable to withstand a dog’s efforts at digging and chewing.

Pet grass, by and large is a coarser, tougher type of synthetic grass to the more lush looking and soft-feeling synthetic grasses that are being designed for backyards. The blade fibres are shorter and the grass can be readily hosed down when soiled. The recommended procedure is to pick up any solid waste, hose down the grass weekly to remove excrement and urine which will drain through the grass and then use a mild detergent every other week to remove any trace of smell.

That just about sums up the chief differences between the type of grass you would get if you were buying specifically for a pet as opposed for the rest of the family. As a matter of fact, the pet grass you’d be buying can double as a putting green grass, just stick a few holes at strategic places and you’ve got a multi-usable area for the whole family – 2 legs or 4.

Whether it’s marketed as K9 Grass, Pup Grass, Dog Run Grass, Pet Grass or Dog Grass, the over-riding factor is that fake grass for dogs is made to be hard wearing, durable and pet friendly.