Some areas are actively encouraging residents to switch from natural grass to synthetic grass. Take for instance the Otay Water District’s initiative that was introduced in the middle of 2008. For the residents of Otay Water District, the benefits will now also include the up-front cost.

For Commercial Customers

The Otay Water District’s new commercial Artificial Turf Rebate Program is available to commercial and multi-family customers who are interested in replacing existing established grass areas with artificial turf. Replacing grass with artificial turf can save approximately 46 gallons of water per square foot per year!

Rebate Amount: $1.00 per square foot; $.50 per square feet should the District’s funding expire.

Start date: 7/1/2008.

Participation Requirements:
• Program open to commercial and multi-family customers of the Otay Water District
• New artificial turf must replace existing grass that is currently irrigated
• Artificial turf may be self-installed or installed by a licensed contractor
• Subject to available funding
• Customer must agree to a post-installation site inspection

Rebate Process:

Step 1. Check your water bill and verify that you are a customer of the Otay Water District.

Step 2 Install artificial turf and complete hard copy of rebate application or complete online.

Step 3. Mail completed application, original purchase/sales receipt, and original installation
invoice/receipt to:

So Cal Water$mart Rebate Program
3800 Watt Avenue, Ste. 105
Sacramento, CA 95821

Step 5. Once your rebate application and receipts are received, you may be contacted to
schedule a post-installation inspection.

Step 6. Your rebate check is mailed to you in approximately eight weeks.