One of the often repeated attributes of having synthetic grass installed in your yard, on your tennis court or as a playground surface is that it is a durable, hard wearing covering. But that’s not to suggest that it won’t begin to wear and develop bald spots with frequent traffic. It most certainly will.

The most noticeable synthetic grass wear occurs on tennis courts that get used frequently. The wear most often occurs around the baselines of the court, near where regular serving and receiving take place.

The wear need not be considered a problem because one of the beauties of synthetic grass is that it can fairly easily be repaired by removing the worn portion and replacing it with a new piece.

If you call in a professional synthetic grass installer to do the job for you a new piece of synthetic grass can be laid and matched to the existing grass so that the seams are virtually undetectable.

For a short time there may be a color difference, but if the repair is done as part of an entire tennis court refurbishment the old synthetic grass will be renewed almost to the condition of the replacement piece. As long as the height of the blades of grass on the new turf matches the height of the existing turf there should be little problem in matching it up.

Replacing worn turf is not limited to tennis courts with playgrounds and high traffic areas also requiring the occasional replacement. In each situation calling in the professionals to match the grass up is the recommended option.