This is the first in a series of articles where I will take a look at various synthetic grass brands. The competition is fierce and all synthetic grass manufacturers are vying for the growing demand for their products.

What has become apparent over recent times is that FieldTurf has become an artificial grass manufacturer that is leading the way. Sporting fields that have had FieldTurf installed as the playing surface have been found to be safer than natural grass and more reliable than natural grass.

Sporting Fields

FieldTurf is one of the most popular types of synthetic grass products, particularly for sporting fields. It is used by a number of football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball and field hockey grounds around the United States.

The strength in FieldTurf’s manufacture is that the company thinks like sportsmen and so the product they produce is most suitable for the sports played on them. According to the company, FieldTurf is different to its competitors because the product is stable, firm not spongy, non-abrasive and uniform in traction, FieldTurf is engineered to play and feel like natural grass.

The NFL teams that play on FieldTurf surface arenas as their home grounds include: Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets and Giants, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, St. Louis Rams, and New England Patriots.


FieldTurf is also a strong force in the landscaping use of synthetic grass with over 20,000 residential and commercial installations using the product. For areas where natural grass is too difficult to grow or where water restrictions make growing natural grass an impractical option, FieldTurf seems to be a popular choice.

The product looks remarkably like natural grass and is said to drain better than natural grass. It is made from recycled tire rubber. Like other types of artificial grass, FieldTurf saves on water use and alleviates the need to use fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.


Thanks to the thick layering of FieldTurf and the close assimilation to natural grass, FieldTurf is a competitive entrant into the child playground market. The synthetic grass is ASTM and ADA compliant and is adaptable to cater for varying fall heights.

How Is FieldTurf Different To Others

FieldTurf uses a special fill that gives the synthetic grass it’s softer, spongier feel and makes it safer to perform on. The grass fibers are surrounded and stabilized by FieldTurf’s patented, heavy fill – the artificial earth that sets the product apart. Composed of smooth, rounded silica sand and cryogenically frozen and smashed rubber particles, FieldTurf’s patented infill is engineered to stay in suspension providing years of proper biomechanics, shock absorbency and durability.

To find out more about how FieldTurf is made you can visit the FieldTurf website where the entire process is explained.

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