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Synthetic Grass Price Guidelines

When planning to buy synthetic grass, whether it be for landscaping, sporting fields or playgrounds, you will be faced with a host of brands and companies offering an array of products at varying prices. This guide was initially going to aim at bringing together as many synthetic grass prices from the various brands as possible […]

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Synthetic Grass Surface Temperature Research

Concerns have been raised again that the surface of synthetic grass fields and parks are too hot to be usable during the summer months. A new study released by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and the Desert Research Institute (DRI) have found that the maximum surface temperature of artificial turf was around 69 […]

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Remember, Sports Grass is Different to Landscape Synthetic Grass

Not all types of synthetic grass are the same and it is important to understand that the synthetic grass used for sports fields are not suitable as landscape synthetic grass. Early residential grass installation was done using the revolutionary new artificial grass product that was taking the sporting world, such as the NFL, by storm. […]

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Synthetic Grass Types – SYNLawn

SYNLawn is another leading synthetic grass player, taking on the roles of manufacturers, designers, producers and distributors of what they describe as the most advanced synthetic grass products on the market. SYNLawn covers the lawn and landscaping, golf putting greens and playground markets. The lawn and landscaping synthetic grass come in a range of lawn […]

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