When planning to buy synthetic grass, whether it be for landscaping, sporting fields or playgrounds, you will be faced with a host of brands and companies offering an array of products at varying prices. This guide was initially going to aim at bringing together as many synthetic grass prices from the various brands as possible to help you to make your buying decision.

However, it appears that very few synthetic grass makers are willing to disclose their prices online, preferring customers to commit to contacting them for a “free consultation”. I was able to find a few makers who have advertised their prices and you should be able to use these prices as a guideline when shopping around for your synthetic grass.

I will break things down into 3 broad categories : landscaping; sporting fields, and playgrounds.

The 4 companies in question are SYNLawn, NewGrass, Ameriturf and PolyTurf. All four synthetic grass manufacturers have quoted prices for their various landscaping synthetic lawns, SYNLawn has a playground grass and NewGrass has a sporting field grass while PolyTurf lists a playground turf as well as a choice of two types of sporting artificial turf.

Note that all of these prices are for the synthetic grass product itself – installation is not included here and will vary from location to location depending on size, difficulty of terrain and the installation team itself.

SYNLawn Synthetic Grass

Landscaping Varieties

SYNAugustine $3.49 s/f to $6.29 s/f
SYNBlue $4.99 s/f to $6.39 s/f
SYNFescue $3.39 s/f to $6.89 s/f
SYNRye $5.09 s/f to $6.29 s/f
SYNTipede $2.59 s/f to $3.59 s/f

Playground Grass

SYNPlay $8.69 s/f to $9.19 s/f


Landscaping Varieties

NewGrass Rye $4.99 s/f to $5.99 s/f
NewGrass Fescue $3.99 s/f

Sporting Field Varieties

NewGrass Sport $3.79 s/f


AmeriTurf has three different types of Landscaping synthetic grass, namely AmeriTurf Rye, AmeriTurf Bermuda and AmeriTurf Fescue. Of these three I was only able to track down a price for the AmeriTurf Fescue which was $2.50 s/f to $3.10 s/f depending on the size of the area that is going to be re-grassed.

Although this is only a very narrow proprortion of the vast number of synthetic grass manufacturers selling grass it should assist you with a rough guide as to what you may be paying to get your yard, field or playground covered.


Landscaping Varieties

Luxury Lite $5.25 s/f
Royal Deluxe Lawn $4.55 s/f
Mojave Deluxe Lawn $4.55 s/f
Imperial Lawn $4.15 s/f

Playground Grass

Active Play $3.58 s/f

Sporting Field Varieties

Xtreme Turf Premier $2.48 s/f
Xtreme Active Sport Grass $2.42 s/f

Putting Greens

PolyTurf Nylon Golf Greens $2.50 s/f to $4.00 s/f

You can fin out more about the PolyTurf range of products by visiting the PolyTurf website where each type of synthetic grass mentioned here is given a full description so you will be able to decide exactly what kind will suit your needs.

Further information about these 4 synthetic grass manufacturers can be found at their respective websites. Or, armed with the guide of what you can expect to pay for synthetic grass you might start looking around at some local artificial grass suppliers.

One of the biggest growing segments of the market involves the installation of artificial putting greens. With huge costs surrounding the creation and maintenance of natural grass greens as well as the improvement in the technology of newer artificial grass greens, more people are exploring the opportunities afforded them by this new type of synthetic grass. Find out more about artificial putting greens as well as the different types of putting green materials available.

As well as the price of the synthetic grass itself you should also be aware of the price of artificial grass installation too.