SYNLawn is another leading synthetic grass player, taking on the roles of manufacturers, designers, producers and distributors of what they describe as the most advanced synthetic grass products on the market.

SYNLawn covers the lawn and landscaping, golf putting greens and playground markets. The lawn and landscaping synthetic grass come in a range of lawn varieties with the range replicating closely the natural grass counterparts. The SYNLawn grasses include SYNAugustine, SYNBlue, SYNFescue, SYNRye and SYNTipede. Additionally, SYNLawn offers each of these grass varieties in a range of qualities carrying sliding price scales. The price classes are named SYNLawn, SYNLawn Premium and SYNLawn Platinum classes.

As with the lawn and landscaping range of synthetic grasses, the SYNLawn Golf Grass types are also available in a range of grass varieties replicating the different types of grass you might come across on the golf course. The SYNLawn golf grasses are named SYNFringe, SYNBent and SYNSod with SYNFringe designed to add a realistic fringe to the golf putting green, SYNBent displaying the qualities of the green itself and SYNSod designed to withstand the rigors of the driving range.

The playground market is covered by SYNLawn’s SYNPlay synthetic grass. This has been designed as a hard-wearing synthetic grass that can be given added cushioning to provide soft impact in the case of falls.

All in all the SYNLawn range is extensive catering to a wide range of preferences, looks and price ranges. It is definitely a product that should be carefully considered. Visit the SYNLawn website where you can find a lot more product detail, including the price ranges for each of the synthetic grass products mentioned above.

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