There have been some amazing technological advances made in the synthetic grass industry that has taken the product from the sporting surface that was first known as AstroTurf to a sophisticated product that makes an attractive alternative to natural grass.

Installing synthetic grass has become a realistic option for quite a large proportion of the population and asking yourself whether you should install synthetic grass in your backyard is a reasonable question indeed.

Replacing A Dead Yard

You may live in an area that is drought affected and residents are under severe water restrictions that prevent water use for the garden. The result is an unsightly wasteland of a yard filled with either dead, brown grass or a completely bare dustbowl of compacted earth with no hope of growing grass again in the near future. Installing synthetic grass may be one of the only options open to you if you want a lush looking green backyard.

Replacing A Rampant Lawn

Perhaps growing a healthy lawn is not the problem. In fact, it may be that your lawn is too healthy and grows vigorously for most of the year, so much so that it requires your constant attention just so that you have a chance of keeping the yard in some semblance of order. This means there will be endless weekends of weeding, mowing edge clipping and other maintenance duties in your future. This may not be a particularly attractive prospect to you and so your solution may be to install synthetic grass as a low-maintenance option.

Doing Your Bit For the Environment

There is an argument for installing synthetic grass that has environmental benefits that may be surprising to some. Grass requires mowing and a lawnmower requires petrol, a fossil fuel. Through summer the lawn will require cutting almost every weekend and the carbon emissions from the lawnmower will add to a growing problem.

Natural grass also requires chemicals and most people who strive for the perfect, green lawn are inevitably going to use herbicides and pesticides to get there. Then there are the lawnmower clippings that are going to begin to rot the moment they are clipped. When these clippings begin to break down the emit methane and carbon, 2 greenhouse gases that contribute to the global warming problem.

Installing synthetic grass immediately cuts all of these environmentally harmful factors out of the equation giving you an option that has environmental advantages.

Synthetic Grass for Play Areas

You may want to limit the synthetic grass installation to a small part of the yard such as a children’s play area. The synthetic grass for play areas is ideal for high traffic areas where it would be difficult to get natural grass to grow. Specialized playground synthetic grass with certified fall height attached is used and is laid underneath play equipment as well as high traffic routes. Playground synthetic grass often comes in a range of fun colors that children will appreciate to help make the area an even more special place.


These are just a few of the reasons why you might argue that it is indeed a good idea to install synthetic grass in your backyard. If you are serious about doing the job yourself you could also find a course that will teach you how to install fake grass. I’m sure if we think about it we might come up with some more reasons too, reasons involving our golf game perhaps or maybe because our pets would appreciate the surface.