One of the aspects of synthetic grass that may be overlooked by many propective buyers is the fact that you can choose a variety of grass pile lengths. Pile is the term for the upright blades of grass making up the synthetic grass surface. When installing a good fake grass product there is a priority to duplicate the look and feel of real grass and this is done chiefly throgh the monofilaments of the grass itself.

Depending on the type of grass that you wish to copy, the length of the pile will vary. It may be available from heights of anywhere between 1.375 inches to 2 inches long. The pile is measured by how far above the infill it reaches. Obviously if you were going with a lush type of grass subsitute you would buy synthetic grass with a bigger pile. On the other hand you might prefer to have a lawn that looks immaculately manicured and in this case you would choose a pile that is towards the shorter end of the spectrum.

Another factor may become a deciding factor with regard to your choice in the synthetic grass pile and that is the state of the sub-base. If you are laying the synthetic grass on a hard surface such as stone you would probably go with a longer pile.

Sporting surfaces such as cricket pitches, hockey pitches and tennis courts would require the synthetic grass options with a low pile due to the nature of the game that is played on it and the fact that the ball is the only thing that comes in contact with the surface.