NewGrass is a popular and very successful brand of synthetic grass that is made by NewGrass LLC of Arizona and is then sold to a distribution network across the country. NewGrass has quickly made an enviable name for itself in the synthetic grass industry with a product that is certified as 100% eco-friendly.

This environmental aspect runs from the manufacture and the materials used for the fake grass blades and backing right through to a commitment from the company to properly recycle it at the end of its useful life, which according to the company is around 10 years. For the disbelievers out there, this pledge has been wholeheartedly endorsed repeatedly in various places online.

The eco-friendly aspect to NewGrass comes firstly from the replacement of over 90 percent of the petroleum-based polymers that were used in the past with bio-based compounds in combination with recycled PET plastic derived from soft drink bottles. The backing used allows for better drainage that was previously attained. This backing is a product called EnviroCel.

A quick look at the NewGrass website confirms that it is ideal for all kinds of applications whether it is for childcare facilities, commercial landscaping, pet grass, sports fields or home landscaping.

Day Care and School Facilities

NewGrass has been laid in many day care centres and schoolyards as an alternative to the grass or dirt surfaces that it has replaced. The synthetic grass is hypo-allergenic, virtually dust-free and safer than a gravel or hard dirt surface. It also solves the problem of kids tracking mud in on a rainy day.

Commercial and Home Landscaping

NewGrass comes in a range of grass types: premium rye, rye and fescue and is realistic enough to look lush and well-kept year round, eliminating the daily or weekly maintenance that would be required with its natural equivalent. The blades of the NewGrass grass are 100% polyethylene and can be bought in either a duo-filament or monofilament format. The top of the range landscape grasses are made using the trademarked EnviroCel backing. The look and feel of the NewGrass grass makes it suitable not only for backyard applications but also as showpiece landscaping alternatives in front of commercial buildings.

Pet Grass

As well as being ideal for other hard wearing and aesthetic purposes, NewGrass also provides a reliable, easily cleaned surface for pet owners. The grass will stand up to the attentions of the most inquisitive of dogs and it can be easily sanitized without adversely affecting the grass. NewGrass is a popular surface for pet resorts providing a lush dirt-free surface all year round with no problem dirt patches to worry about.

Price Guide and Added Details of NewGrass Synthetic Grass

The following prices indicate the price of NewGrass uninstalled. There will be other costs to add on before you’re done and have a new lawn on the ground.

NewGrass Premium Rye – $5.99 / square foot

The Premium Rye synthetic grass is among the finest synthetic grass made. It is thick and strong, but also supple and incredibly natural feeling. Its 100% polyethylene blades are duo-woven. The main blades are bolstered and separated slightly by blades that have been curled to mimic natural grass thatching.

NewGrass Rye – $4.99 / square foot

The Rye synthetic grass is duo-filament, their primary blades are supported and enhanced by shorter, denser blades that act like thatching in natural grass.

NewGrass Fescue – $3.99 / square foot

The Fescue synthetic grass is a mono filament polyethylene lawn grass. This is the synthetic grass product in the range that is aimed at the budget conscious buyers.

NewGrass Sport – $3.79 / square foot

NewGrass Sport is wonderful for heavily trafficked or large public areas that require a durable and economical artificial grass. It is a monofilament, broadloom-tufted polyethylene.

Overall, NewGrass looks to be a very worthwhile synthetic grass option to consider when weighing up which brand to buy. If you’re wondering where you can get NewGrass, many of the synthetic grass distributors around the country use NewGrass as their primary synthetic grass product.