It’s time to acknowledge another of the successful synthetic grass companies that have had some solid results lately. EasyTurf Inc has recently made an announcement pointing out that the company was named in the list of fastest growing companies in America for the last year.

In fact, the company was the only synthetic grass company to make the top 5,000 list and it slotted into the list of environmental services companies at number 17. The list was published in Inc. Magazine and lists privately held companies from across the country. This is the second year in a row that EasyTurf has made the list.

The result is a significant one, not only for the company but for the synthetic grass industry as a whole because it indicates that the market is still growing for this maturing industry. EasyTurf is primarily aimed at the landscaping side of the synthetic grass market both for residential and commercial use, although it also provides golf putting greens too.

This is as opposed to other, larger synthetic turf companies that specialize more in the installation of sporting arenas. EasyTurf is a company that has been at the top of the synthetic turf industry for nine years now and there are over 5,000 installations in the Southern California region that have come courtesy of the company. This is both at residential and commercial locations.

There has been some estimation made about the environmental impact that has been made by putting in this much synthetic grass. You may recall that the company was listed as the 17th fastest growing company in the environmental services industry and this is because it is estimated that over 56,000 gallons of water has been saved each year due to the fact that EasyTurf synthetic grass has replaced natural grass. This makes the synthetic grass one of the best water conservation devices available on the market.

It’s no mean feat that the company has remained in the fastest growing company list this last year when you consider the downturn in the economy. It is a pretty strong indication that landscape synthetic grass must be in high demand and, when it is done right, is a product that a lot of people will buy. As well as more than 5,000 residential installations and the golf putting greens that have added to the company’s record, some of the big name installations credited to EasyTurf include SeaWorld, LEGOLAND, PETCO Park, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Humane Society, Camp Pendleton.

This looks to be an indication that synthetic grass is becoming more of an accepted alternative to natural grass. There are still people who are yet to be convinced that synthetic grass should replace their lawn, but these are probably the same people who have paved their barbecue area and thought nothing of it.