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Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment

There are a lot of new responsibilities for a groundsman who has just inherited an artificial turf pitch to care for, quite different tasks to the maintenance tasks that would have been required when the field comprised of natural grass. Not only will there be new artificial grass maintenance tasks to perform but there will […]

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Try To Know The Synthetic Grass Industry

Artificial turf growth in the area of sports fields, golf putting greens and landscaping has shown steady year on year improvement. In fact the combined installation of synthetic grass materials will exceed over 140 million square meters, something like a 40% increase on the amount installed back in 2005. Sports fields alone have shown an annual increase […]

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Synthetic Grass The Answer For Hay Fever Sufferers

There are many documented benefits that can be gained by replacing natural grass with a synthetic grass lawn from environmental to monetary to aesthetic appeal. One more benefit that is not identified as frequently as others is that something of a health benefit for a small section of the public. Every year at certain times […]

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