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Entries for December, 2009

Artificial Putting Greens

It is becoming even easier these days to own yourself your own artificial putting green, either in your backyard or, if you want to follow Justin Timberlake’s lead, inside your home. There are an increasing number of companies that will help you in choosing your layout and in the installation of the synthetic grass that […]

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Artificial Golf Grass

Most of us are already aware that there are many examples of artificial putting greens around the country that have been used by professional and social golfers for practice. It has been generally acknowledged that these artificial surfaces have been valuable training aids because the grass is very similar to real grass putting greens. Now […]

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Are We Ready For Shinty Turf?

So we all know that artificial turf is used for a good number of different sports including football, baseball, soccer, field hockey, cricket and lacrosse. All of these sports have developed well with the progress of their sport on the new technology. Recently another sport has made the switch to the artificial surface. The sport […]

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Synthetic Grass Distributors

It should be pointed out that there is a difference between synthetic grass manufacturers and synthetic grass distributors. This will probably be quite apparent to some people who are in the know in the industry but to the average consumer it is information that is not immediately obvious. Just because a company calls itself a […]

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EPA Study Results Into Synthetic Turf Grass Infill

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently issued a document detailing a limited-scope study into the use of recycled tires as the material for crumb rubber infill in artificial turf grass. As many may be aware there was grave concern over the health risks attributed to the use of crumb rubber infill and […]

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Blue Artificial Turf

Sometimes there’s no point trying to replicate natural grass with synthetic grass that looks almost, but not quite, identical to the real stuff. The pretense is completely blown out the window at a few football stadiums around the country. These stadia are fairly well known because of their distinctive blue artificial turf surface. That’s right…blue. […]

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