Thinking of unusual uses for artificial grass for a moment, there is quite a steady demand for artificial grass rugs for use in sports themed rooms. It makes sense that if you want to buy a durable floor covering and you are going for the look and feel of a sports ground, an artificial grass rug is the product that you would need to buy.

As well as the sports themed room, another common location to have an artificial grass rug placed is on the balcony. If you want a soft floor covering but you need something that will withstand adverse weather conditions such as rain or extreme heat your choice may well come down to an artificial grass rug.

It is possible, too, to buy rolls of products such as AstroTurf that would be suitable to lay as a rug along a pathway or surrounding a pool. The grass may come in lengths up to 16 meters long and just under a meter wide and would serve an admirable role of softening paths that may get frequent traffic. An artificial grass rug, by definition is not a permanent fixture and so you would have the advantage of being able to roll it up when you have finished using it and either putting it away or moving it to another location as required.

The example given above is an extreme style rug, probably better classed as a carpet, but there are smaller rugs that are available to buy that are as small as 2’ by 3’, 4’ x 6’ and 6’ x 8’. These artificial grass rugs will look very similar to a normal accent rug only instead of woolen pile, the rug is made of nylon grass fibers.

Because synthetic grass is a product that is designed and used in outdoor settings, it has the versatility of being used as a floor covering indoors or outdoors. With a rubber backing the grass will remain in good condition for quite a long time, able to cop plenty of abuse with feet wiping, etc. The material is designed to withstand a lot worse than what someone cleaning the mud off their shoes can dish out.

In the right circumstances artificial grass rugs are a reasonable solution, are relatively inexpensive and can fit right in to a casual or outdoor setting. The good news is that most of the artificial grass mats come from recycled artificial turf fields and so are reasonably easy to find.

Due to the fact that fake grass is designed to be used outdoors it stands to reason that the greatest use of a reconditioned piece of artificial grass is as an outdoor fake grass rug. It may be possible to buy this type of rug from a carpet store, but the chances you are going to pay a premium for what is considered a rug that has been specially designed, cut and trimmed to a specific size.

If you walk into a hardware store with the aim of buying a piece of synthetic grass that is going to be turned into a rug you will merely be paying the price that it would cost per foot and as long as you are happy to do the trimming yourself you will be able to buy it at that lower price.

It would be a great floor covering for a balcony where there is likely going to be some bad weather conditions that are going to reach whatever rug or mat is being used. The backing of the synthetic grass means that it will provide a non-slip surface so the rug is going to be relatively immobile.