The most common use for fake grass is as a synthetic lawn or an artificial turf outdoors replacing a naturally growing lawn or grass surface. But not all fake grass uses necessarily involve large scale installations with more sedate decorative uses suitable to the material.

Fake grass bushes are available to provide an ornamental grass appearance that look exactly like a small growing clumping bush. These kinds of ornamental fakes are suitable for use in small garden situations where it would be impossible for natural grass to grow such as an office display or dark apartment landing. The use of these decorative fake grass plants will enable the appearance of a more formal garden without the need to have to try to keep the plants alive in difficult conditions.

Decorative fake grass can be planted separately as an accent piece to fill a small garden that is looking a little sparse or, for a greater effect, they can be clumped together to create a striking feature.

Of course, there is really no need to use a decorative fake grass in the normal course of events, the ideal scenario is to buy a selection of ornamental grasses and plant them out where they will thrive and give your garden the maximum benefit possible. But not all circumstances give you these ideal conditions. You may not want to have to trim the grass back a couple of times a year because it is starting to look unruly and you may not like the idea of it reseeding and multiplying throughout the entire garden (if you are thinking of using it outdoors). Finally, you may have tried again and again to establish a formal ornamental grass garden with no success and fake grass may be your only alternative.

Whatever the reason, the good news is that there is an option available that will allow you to give the appearance of a healthy ornamental garden. The fake grass available mimics a range of grass types such as onion grass, Queen Anne’s Lace, Cattail, Vanilla Grass and quite a few other varieties. They are available online at sites such as Amazon Foliages, a company that has an amazing choice of decorative fake grasses available in different heights and a variety of colors.

These kinds of fakes aren’t for all tastes but in certain circumstances it is appropriate to fill in the space with something that is very difficult to distinguish from a live plant.