There are a number of specific synthetic grass options that have been devised specifically with dogs in mind. These dog runs are made from synthetic grass that is both durable and hard wearing yet soft and receptive enough to make the family dog feel comfortable when using it.

So what is it about a fake grass for dogs that is different to a standard residential artificial grass?

The well-known brand K9 Grass by the Forever Lawn Company explains that their grass is made with a knitted flow-through backing and is treated with antimicrobial protection. The aim is to keep the grass as clean as possible to avoid it from smelling after any length of dog usage. Some pet grasses are treated with a substance that alters the smell of the dog’s urine so that it is not as offensive. It’s the drainage features that are the important difference in a pet grass.

Pet grass use is no merely confined to the entire backyard that happens to also contain a dog. The grass may be used just for the dog run landscaping or for the dog kennel itself. There are also indoor applications that cater for indoor dog training facilities and the pet grass installation solves the problems surrounding odor.

It appears that even though some people believe that their dogs will not readily adapt to fake grass, the truth is that they will happily treat it as they would any other kind of surface. Where the dog owner wins out is in the cleanliness of the dog with few incidents of muddy paws or coats. Similarly the problem of digging up the garden will be solved with the dog unable to dig up the artificial grass surface.

Here are the main points to consider when deciding whether you want to buy fake grass for dogs:

  • Dogs enjoy playing on artificial grass just as they do with natural grass.
  • Muddy paws and coats will no longer be a problem.
  • Urine waste will drain through the infill and into the ground below just as it does with real grass.
  • Droppings must be picked up just as with real grass and the grass must then be rinsed down.
  • Digging in the yard will cease.

Many artificial grass companies provide a line of pet grass as well as their other types of grass so there should be no trouble finding a company to quote you a price and carry out the installation.