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Entries for December, 2009

Playground Artificial Turf

There are a number of different types of playground artificial turf available on the market today, some of them have been manufactured to look like real grass and some have been made with bright colors suitable for children’s games. The most important aspect of whatever playground artificial turf that is used is that it provides […]

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Artificial Grass And Landscaping

One of the big improvements in the world of artificial grass is the technology surrounding the look and feel of the grass and its place in the landscaping industry. These days it is getting even more difficult than before to tell the difference between real grass and artificial grass. Although there are some reservations about […]

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Importance of Stability Of the Artificial Grass Surface

There are a number of attributes that are considered to be very important when it comes to the nature of an artificial grass surface. In this instance we are talking about the way the surface performs as a sporting surface. The sports artificial grass, also referred commonly to as artificial turf, has a primary obligation […]

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Synthetic Turf Council Is A Valuable Resource

The artificial turf industry has an association that has dedicated itself to providing a resource of information that come from trustworthy sources for the industry. If you want to find information about what is happening in the synthetic turf world you can be sure that the Synthetic Turf Council will provide an unbiased report. The […]

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Commitment To The Artificial Turf Pitch

One of the great innovations in the world of junior cricket has been the use of the artificial turf pitch. There may be some complaints and strong opposition to the use of artificial turf in some of its other applications but as a cricket pitch it has become completely accepted as the best surface to […]

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Finding Artificial Turf For Sale

It may be as simple as logging onto the Internet these days but there are many places to find cheap artificial turf for sale. Assuming that you want to buy a small off-cut for some kind of home use it can cost you as little as $2.50 a square foot for brand new artificial turf. […]

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