There are a number of different types of playground artificial turf available on the market today, some of them have been manufactured to look like real grass and some have been made with bright colors suitable for children’s games. The most important aspect of whatever playground artificial turf that is used is that it provides a safe environment for the children who will be using it.

The artificial grass that is installed should be made from a non-abrasive type of material that is both comfortable for the kids to play on and durable enough to last for many years. The idea is that children or more likely to fall over while playing on the playground equipment and so, when they do, they will be protected from skinned knees or elbows or other minor scrapes and bruises.

One of the main features that artificial turf companies ensure when they install playground artificial turf is extra padding under the turf to protect children from falls from playground equipment. These shock pads make the artificial turf much softer and more forgiving than natural grass and protects children from fall heights over 5’.

The reason that you would want to install artificial turf instead of another product such as wood chips or a pour-in rubber compound is largely a safety one. But there are other valid reasons for using artificial turf such as:

  • No compaction problems;
  • The surface will not suffer displacement like what happens with wood chips;
  • Foreign or dangerous objects cannot be buried just below the surface;
  • Cushioning from impact falls is greater;
  • No possibility of splinters;
  • Kids won’t get as dirty when playing on artificial turf;
  • Weed growth will be suppressed

Although the actual look of the artificial turf used to cover playgrounds is not the main reason for choosing one particular product over another, the fact is that companies are now producing playground artificial turf that looks a lot like real grass. This adds to the comfort factor provided by the grass and the fact that play is being done on a soft, lush surface adds to the enjoyment of the children using it.

As stated earlier in the article artificial grass made especially for children’s playgrounds are manufactured by a lot of companies. Follow the link to view a list of some of the top artificial turf manufacturers in the industry.