There was an interesting discussion played out on San Diego Week about the comparison between artificial grass and natural grass. The initial footage takes you through the benefits and advantages of installing synthetic grass in your yard. The example given is a San Diego home where the owner has removed their grass in both the front and back yards and have replaced it with synthetic grass made by FieldTurf.

Following the video is a discussion that involves people from a few different fields such as homeowner in the video and Mark Radeke from Easy Turf. The article takes another run at the pros and cons of synthetic grass with the same old arguments rearing their heads.

Predictably the gardener feels the synthetic grass is simply an outdoor carpet and makes a case for planting a ground cover instead of either a synthetic or natural grass surface. I’m sure owners who enjoy the feeling of walking on their grass lawn, whether it is synthetic or natural, would be completely underwhelmed by that suggestion.

While I think most of us would acknowledge that replacing every single patch of natural grass with synthetic grass would prove to becompletely detrimental to the environment, the opponents have to accept that some people would like a low maintenance yard that can be walked on, enjoyed andbe pleasing to look at.

It has been pointed out that many of the arguments surrounding factors such as the safety of artificial grass and the possible effects on the environment have been proven to be largely unfounded. There is still some concern about the ground temperature on particularly warm days and this should be addressed by the industry because the current solution of watering the artificial grass before use is not a viable long-term solution.

For many people there are a lot of reasons why natural grass is no longer desirable and rather than being a synthetic grass argument it is leaning more towards a natural grass argument instead.

You can see the piece in its entirety by visiting the KPBS San Diego Week webpage.