It has been a while in coming but a school in India has installed a multi-purpose artificial turf ground. The field has been installed at Fr Agnel Multipurpose high school in Mumbai, a modest SSC school. The field will be able to be used for sports such as hockey and football.

With training and play often interrupted in the area due to the monsoonal conditions that dominate for a few months of the year, the synthetic turf gives the players the opportunity to continue to play on. Where this ground differs from the only other artificial turf ground in Mumbai is the fact that this ground is a dual-use ground. The other ground is the artificial turf hockey ground at the Mumbai Hockey Association in Churchgate.

It is believed that one of the factors that has hindered the development of hockey as a sport in India is the lack of artificial turf facilities throughout the country. While other countries have access to synthetic turf grounds at all levels, Indian hockey is not quite so lucky. With the introduction of this new ground things are looking positive for the future of the sport.

The fact that the surface will become available to a wider range of hockey players, not to mention the fact that the footballers will also benefit, means that more players will become accustomed to playing on the more predictable surface.

This new development follows the encouraging news last year of the FIFA synthetic grass initiative in India and the grounds that were going to be developed as a result.