The following is a brief report of the types of artificial putting green surfaces that are available from one of the leading manufacturers, ProGreen.

There are a lot of different companies producing quality artificial putting green surfaces so it is worth getting an idea of exactly what is available for someone who is looking to install one in their backyard.

Firstly, not all putting greens are made from the same materials. The grass fibers are made from either nylon or polypropylene with the difference being not only the look of the surface but also in the way the ball reacts on it. The different types of putting green grasses will also require a different amount of infill which will also have an effect on the way the ball reacts.

ProGreen has been producing artificial putting surfaces since 1987 and the company has a range of different models of grass available. This should ensure that you will be able to choose a green that looks like a real green as well as perform like one.

Here are the various types of grasses available from ProGreen

Progreen PG Augusta

This is a polypropylene putting surface that is more likely to be used as a chipping green. When the putting surface is installed over aggregate base it is possible to chip to the green from up to 40 yards out. This putting green requires 3 lbs of infill sand which will make the surface more receptive to the ball. The height of the pile is 9/16” and the height may vary +/- 1/8”. The grass comes in 15’ widths and the color is limited to Verdent Blend

ProGreen PGN Tournament Multi-Blend

As the name of the grass suggests this is a high quality nylon surface that is ideal for putting and close chipping. The grass may be installed either over an aggregate base or glued over a concrete surface. The point of a nylon artificial grass green is that the ball roll will be true and it will continue to be true for years to come. The pile height is 7/16” and the color options are Primavera/ Forest Green.

ProGreen PG 2500

This is an outdoor putting green surface but has been made with a yarn called olefin. This is a design that allows more fibers to touch the ball than any other comparable turf. The yarn is a fibrillated yarn and is the softest yarn available. This artificial grass should be installed over an aggregate base and it will perform well as a putting surface or you can chip to it from a distance of up to 040 yards.

ProGreen PG 4000

This is another putting green surface that uses olefin fibers that has been woven at 7600 denier. It should be installed over an aggregate base and it is should be infilled with a silica sand and fine crumb rubber mix. It is possible to chip to this type of green from up to 150 yards out.

As can be seen from the above ProGreen covers all of the different types of putting green surface s required. It also provides an indoor grass with the name ProGreen Patio Turf and this has been specifically designed for indoor use as a surface that has been glued to a hard surface. It is the sort of artificial grass that would be used on a miniature golf course.

When you come to buy an artificial putting green from ProGreen you should be aware that the company has a minimum order size of 12′ x 15′. This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a smaller putting green, it just means that if you want one that is smaller you will have to buy the artificial grass from the remnants section.

For lots more information about what ProGreen can offer someone looking to buy and install a backyard artificial putting green, visit the ProGreen website.