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Entries for April, 2012

Synthetic Turf’s Performance In the Cold

A lot of studies have been done on how hot temperatures affect synthetic turf, a particular concern for those who feel the temperatures rise way beyond reasonable levels. But there is another end of the spectrum and it is important to ensure that a synthetic turf surface is capable of withstanding freezing temperatures too. Performance […]

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Ladner Bowling Club to Install Synthetic Turf

The number of sports that are beginning to accept the use of artificial grass surfaces in place of natural grass continues to grow. Lawn bowls is the latest to see it as a viable option and one such club that has made the decision to go with a more reliable option is the Ladner Lawn […]

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Synthetic Turf Proposed For Arizona Stadium

It has recently been reported that The Arizona Wildcats will be playing in a refurbished stadium come the 2013 season. If the athletic director gets his way the old turf surface will be replaced by a new synthetic turf surface – possibly supplied by FieldTurf. The choice of installing a synthetic turf surface comes down […]

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New Technology: Synthetic Turf Weaving Process For Soccer Stadium

A new synthetic turf pitch is being installed for the Dutch premier league football club Heracles Almelo and it will use an innovative new type of synthetic turf from TenCate. The turf will be made using a new weaving technology that brings an optimum playing performance through the way the ball reacts on it, and […]

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TenCate Reduces Synthetic Turf Temperature

There are a lot of different reasons cited for not using synthetic turf as a preferred playing field turf. Reasons ranging from an increased risk of injury or infection to an adverse impact on the environment have been put forward in the fight against the new technology. The vast majority of criticisms of synthetic grass […]

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Synthetic Turf Is Not the Cause of Staph Infection

Among the various concerns about the safety of using synthetic turf surfaces for sporting fields have been a number of reports linking staph infections with the artificial surface. Although there have been no definitive evidence one way or the other the stories and fears have been perpetuated in the media until there is an over-riding […]

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