There are a lot of different reasons cited for not using synthetic turf as a preferred playing field turf. Reasons ranging from an increased risk of injury or infection to an adverse impact on the environment have been put forward in the fight against the new technology. The vast majority of criticisms of synthetic grass have been proven to be inaccurate or have been answered by improvements to the technology.

One valid criticism that had not been properly dealt with was the increase in temperature on hot days of a synthetic turf field in comparison one made from natural turf. It appears that this may be one the verge of being solved now.

TenCate Grass is a leading producer of synthetic grass fibers and components and the company is responsible for TenCate XP Blade™, one of the most preferred synthetic grass blade options for sporting fields worldwide. The problem of elevated temperatures on artificial fields is due to heat absorption but TenCate has now come up with HR heat reflective technology that is being applied to its TenCate XP Blade™ fibers.

Heat Reflective Technology

The requirement for the ability to reduce the temperature of the artificial playing surface is essential and TenCate have been able to build the HR technology into the fibers as part of the manufacturing process. The result is that TenCate XP Blade™ fibers are going to be offered with the HR technology at no additional cost, making it a first.

Laboratory tests have been conducted on the TenCate XP Blade ™ fibers with HR technology added and the results have been a reduction in temperature of around 17.5 degrees F.

Durable and Cooler

TenCate XP Blade™ is a synthetic turf that has been preferred for the installation of soccer fields around the world with more than 3,500 installations completed. The reason that it is favoured over other types of grass is because of its extreme durability. Any field that is going to be exposed to high traffic levels will perform well with the XP Blade ™ fibers. The addition of HR technology to the grass fibers makes this a product that is not only more durable than other options but also cooler too.