With the continuation of severe drought in Texas cities such as Lubbock are still struggling under stage 2 water restrictions. This places a strain on the local water supplies and luxuries such as watering lawns and golf greens are difficult to justify.

The tasks of mowing, watering and maintaining a lawn in the West Texas sun when combined with a lack of rain makes it difficult for homeowners. The restrictions imposed means that thirsty lawns are not getting the water they need and high water costs combined with even higher temperatures means that there is inevitably going to be far less green space around homes and businesses.

Front Yard Synthetic GrassThere is a way to combat the problem of having to try to maintain dull dry grass. Low maintenance artificial grass lawn is a viable solution and local Texas companies such as South Plains Golf Greens Texas can provide the perfect types of artificial grass for homeowners.

Here is how the company describes its service:

South Plains Golf Greens Texas, operating as Golf Greens Texas.com is not to be confused with newer turf companies in town. Golf Greens Texas is the premiere turf distributor and installation company within the South Plains region. Owner Bill Hillstrom and his expert staff have offered a large selection of artificial grass lawns and golf greens since 2007. Golf Greens Texas can also supply DIYers with all the tools and materials needed to complete their own projects.


Bill’s years of experience are invaluable to homeowners or businesses looking for the perfect way to perk up lifeless, uninspired landscapes. Golf Greens Texas is there to help at every stage – from planning through completion. They offer professionally designed and installed artificial grass lawn or golf greens which will improve curb appeal and possibly your golf game!

“Now is the best time to start a new lawn or golf green project,” says Bill. “We build golf greens that act just like natural grass golf greens right in your own backyard.”

Some of the advantages of an artificial grass lawn are:

• Water conservation. With ongoing drought conditions and water restrictions, making the switch to an artificial grass lawn saves you money. Homeowners gain great curb appeal and can enjoy a nicely manicured lawn without any of the high water bills or hard work.

“You can recoup your investment in water savings and maintenance shortly after installing a lawn,” says Bill. “Not to mention the time, money and hassle you’ll save when you eliminate the need for maintaining a real grass lawn.”

• Today’s artificial grass lawns look and feel like the real thing, only better. Life expectancy with today’s artificial grass lawns is about 20 years. With a variety of lifelike styles and lengths, colors and textures, lawns can once again be a safe place to play or to enjoy a summer evening.

• Pets love the feel of artificial lawns and pet owners love the simple maintenance. Lawns are installed with a deodorizing infill which eliminates pet waste odor, keeping lawns easy to clean and fresh-smelling.

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• An artificial grass lawn eliminates dirt and debris that can be tracked indoors on feet or paws. It also provides a clean surface around swimming pools. Because there is no pollen generated, artificial grass tames grass allergies in pets – and owners, too!

• Artificial grass lawns from Golf Greens Texas come with up to a 15-year warranty, and the company installs only high quality products.

• Because it is low-maintenance, artificial grass turf is an excellent choice for commercial properties, garden homes, or lawns.

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