Woodbridge Township and school district officials, accompanied by students of John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, have recently broken ground on new high school baseball fields in Iselin. This marks the beginning of a program that will see significant facility improvements for the school giving the wider community availability of a more state of the art field.

The baseball field will be made from synthetic turf and will replace the original grass turf field that was first built when the high school was first constructed in 1964.

The new JFK baseball field will include synthetic turf in the outfield and infield, clay pitcher’s mound and batter’s box, new outfield fencing, scoreboard and lighting. It is a project that will cost $860,000 and is part of the larger School District Facilities Improvement Project initiative by the Township to rehabilitate School District sport and athletic fields, spectator stadium bleachers and stands, playgrounds, auditorium theatres, and other public-use school facilities.

Woodbridge High Baseball Field

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This investment is financed through tax incentives paid to the Township by corporations when they locate a new business or expand an existing business. This funding initiative is commonly known as Payment In Lieu Of Taxes or PILOT and it relieves the school board of the financial obligation. This leaves more available funds for other parts of the school development such as curriculum and classroom expenditures.

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