There is a lot of misinformation about the artificial grass industry that is exacerbated by a lack of independent opinion on the subject. A reflex aversion to the look of original forms of the product, fears based on rumor, unconfirmed reports and a general stubbornness has often resulted in synthetic grass being given a bad name.

The aim of Synthetic Grass Info is to provide independent information about the subject as well as reporting on new products, technological developments and recent studies that are helping the industry to grow.

As we know, synthetic grass and artificial turf represents a solution for a large number of problem areas in a range of situations.




In each of these circumstances there is a lot of development being done to improve the quality of the products. This may involve the types of materials used to create the grass fibers, the infill or the backing material. It may also involve the improvement in the performance of the product and how it withstands the rigors of day to day use. Synthetic Grass Info aims to report on these developments as they happen.

Guest Posting

It is not always possible to identify every aspect of the Synthetic Grass industry and the existence of new products and techniques. This is where you might like to add your own content with a guest post.

If there is a new product you have heard about or a recent study that is relevant to the artificial grass industry, write a guest post about it and I will consider publishing it here at Synthetic Grass Info.

Naturally, the posts must meet my quality standards which you can read about by reading the Guest Post Guidelines below.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • The post must be about synthetic turf, artificial grass and related products such as infill, etc.
  • The article must be original and is not simply a copy of a press release or other literature. It must not have been published previously in any form.
  • It is preferred that the length of the post exceed 400 words, however if the article is of a high standard it may consist of fewer than 400.
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