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Is It Worth Buying Cheap Artificial Turf?

We are all conditioned to trying to buy a bargain. This is the case no matter whether we are buying a house or a packet of diapers. The idea of losing out on a deal can blind us to the other side of the value coin. If we are getting an unbelievably great deal on […]

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Temporary Synthetic Turf

Artificial turf does not necessarily have to be permanently installed although this is the way the vast majority of locations operate. There are certain circumstances where it would be preferable to have the option of removing the synthetic turf as the situation changes. There has already been attempts to create different types of temporary synthetic […]

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Are We Ready For Shinty Turf?

So we all know that artificial turf is used for a good number of different sports including football, baseball, soccer, field hockey, cricket and lacrosse. All of these sports have developed well with the progress of their sport on the new technology. Recently another sport has made the switch to the artificial surface. The sport […]

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Blue Artificial Turf

Sometimes there’s no point trying to replicate natural grass with synthetic grass that looks almost, but not quite, identical to the real stuff. The pretense is completely blown out the window at a few football stadiums around the country. These stadia are fairly well known because of their distinctive blue artificial turf surface. That’s right…blue. […]

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Playground Artificial Turf

There are a number of different types of playground artificial turf available on the market today, some of them have been manufactured to look like real grass and some have been made with bright colors suitable for children’s games. The most important aspect of whatever playground artificial turf that is used is that it provides […]

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Commitment To The Artificial Turf Pitch

One of the great innovations in the world of junior cricket has been the use of the artificial turf pitch. There may be some complaints and strong opposition to the use of artificial turf in some of its other applications but as a cricket pitch it has become completely accepted as the best surface to […]

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