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Finding Artificial Turf For Sale

It may be as simple as logging onto the Internet these days but there are many places to find cheap artificial turf for sale. Assuming that you want to buy a small off-cut for some kind of home use it can cost you as little as $2.50 a square foot for brand new artificial turf. […]

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Synthetic Turf Manufacturers

The field of synthetic turf manufacturers is getting larger as the industry continues to expand. The difficulty is making a distinction between the products produced by each of these companies, deciding on one product over another. The only way to do this, really is to make a comparison between the products themselves. Listed below is […]

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Used Artificial Turf

So what actually happens to artificial turf once it has reached the end of its life span? Although artificial turf lasts for a long time, it is not going to last forever so at some point there is going to be a lot of turf that is going to be removed and replaced. Many people […]

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Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment

There are a lot of new responsibilities for a groundsman who has just inherited an artificial turf pitch to care for, quite different tasks to the maintenance tasks that would have been required when the field comprised of natural grass. Not only will there be new artificial grass maintenance tasks to perform but there will […]

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FIFA Artificial Turf Initiative In India

The push to convert soccer pitches from natural grass to artificial turf in India has been taken up by FIFA in a bid to help develop the sport in that country. At its own cost FIFA plans to install artificial turf fields in five football grounds in India. The top priority project is a ground […]

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Enforceable Lead Standards For Artificial Turf

An agreement has been signed off by California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. on Aug. 14 that requires AstroTurf, LLC reformulate its artificial turf products so that they contain lead levels of less than 100 parts per million (ppm). It’s a ruling that is aimed at ensuring the safety of balls fields and playgrounds […]

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