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Synthetic Grass The Answer For Hay Fever Sufferers

There are many documented benefits that can be gained by replacing natural grass with a synthetic grass lawn from environmental to monetary to aesthetic appeal. One more benefit that is not identified as frequently as others is that something of a health benefit for a small section of the public. Every year at certain times […]

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Artificial Grass A Boon For the Elderly

None of us like to admit that we are getting older and aren’t quite as capable of taking care of some of the chores around the house with the ease that we used to. Gardening chores in particular can become a burden and the bending, stretching and effort required to keep our gardens looking presentable […]

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Otay Water District Artificial Grass Rebate Program

Some areas are actively encouraging residents to switch from natural grass to synthetic grass. Take for instance the Otay Water District’s initiative that was introduced in the middle of 2008. For the residents of Otay Water District, the benefits will now also include the up-front cost. For Commercial Customers The Otay Water District’s new commercial […]

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Savings With Synthetic Grass

Although synthetic grass has a relatively high up-front cost to it, there are significant savings to be made over the life of the covering when compared to the cost of maintaining a healthy lawn. This is particularly the case when it comes to sporting fields where high traffic and the requirement to play in all […]

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The Extra Advantage of Artificial Grass

You will find these days that in our bid to seek alternative measures that will reduce our impact on the planet some people are coming up with ideas that seem a little strange. I’ve got to confess to you, when you read this article you’re going to believe that this is another of those weird […]

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