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Importance of Stability Of the Artificial Grass Surface

There are a number of attributes that are considered to be very important when it comes to the nature of an artificial grass surface. In this instance we are talking about the way the surface performs as a sporting surface. The sports artificial grass, also referred commonly to as artificial turf, has a primary obligation […]

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Synthetic Grass Injuries – Turf Burn

One of the injuries sportsmen succumb to that can purely be attributed to synthetic grass is turf burn. This is an abrasion to the skin, often the knee or the elbow, that is generally not serious injuries but can be very painful. If it’s not treated properly it can leave a disfiguring scar or can […]

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Synthetic Grass v Natural Grass – The Rate Of Injury

The likelihood of a greater incidence of injury occurring due to a synthetic grass surface has been noted. This has been due to the increased speed made possible on synthetic grass which results in an increased probability of higher collision forces between players, resulting in increased severity of injuries. However, the blame of this increase […]

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Synthetic Grass Injuries – Turf Toe

For all of the great benefits that come with using a synthetic turf surface on football fields, it’s perhaps inevitable that there are also going to be the introduction of new injuries that would occur less frequently on a natural grass surface. The injury in question occurs to football players and has been given the […]

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New Research Into Toxicity in Synthetic Grass Surfaces

Another study into the toxicity of synthetic grass has been released in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. It has revealed that there were harmful chemicals such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), chromium and lead is almost every single sample taken. Not only that but arsenic and cadmium were detected in most samples. […]

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