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Synthetic Grass Drainage

Early versions of synthetic grass was very similar to a carpet in that the drainage was quite poor causing various problems including the growth of mold and bacteria in the grass fibers. The lack of drainage also meant that the ground underneath the artificial surface became unsustainable with macro-organisms unable to survive. In general the […]

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Installing Artificial Grass Costs

The cost of installing artificial grass will vary depending on the nature of the ground onto which it is going to be laid. If there are unexpected surprises underneath the existing grass such as large tree roots or sandstone, the costs could start to blow out. One of the ways in which you may be […]

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Synthetic Grass Distributors

It should be pointed out that there is a difference between synthetic grass manufacturers and synthetic grass distributors. This will probably be quite apparent to some people who are in the know in the industry but to the average consumer it is information that is not immediately obvious. Just because a company calls itself a […]

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The Synthetic Grass Argument Continues

The debate appears to continue over whether it is safe to install synthetic grass or not as a replacement for natural grass. Over the past couple of days I have come across news stories that have reported recent decisions that were made by local governments over whether or not synthetic grass was allowed to be […]

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Is Installing Synthetic Grass A Good Idea?

There have been some amazing technological advances made in the synthetic grass industry that has taken the product from the sporting surface that was first known as AstroTurf to a sophisticated product that makes an attractive alternative to natural grass. Installing synthetic grass has become a realistic option for quite a large proportion of the […]

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The Extra Advantage of Artificial Grass

You will find these days that in our bid to seek alternative measures that will reduce our impact on the planet some people are coming up with ideas that seem a little strange. I’ve got to confess to you, when you read this article you’re going to believe that this is another of those weird […]

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