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Synthetic Turf’s Performance In the Cold

A lot of studies have been done on how hot temperatures affect synthetic turf, a particular concern for those who feel the temperatures rise way beyond reasonable levels. But there is another end of the spectrum and it is important to ensure that a synthetic turf surface is capable of withstanding freezing temperatures too. Performance […]

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Controlling Moss In Artificial Putting Greens

The growth on moss on most hard surfaces is not uncommon and artificial grass, whether it’s a playing field or an artificial putting green, is not immune to the problem. This could be a recurring problem if you have installed your backyard putting green in a part of the yard that is shaded for long […]

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Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment

There are a lot of new responsibilities for a groundsman who has just inherited an artificial turf pitch to care for, quite different tasks to the maintenance tasks that would have been required when the field comprised of natural grass. Not only will there be new artificial grass maintenance tasks to perform but there will […]

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Synthetic Grass The Low-Maintenance Option

There is no doubt that installing synthetic grass in place of natural grass greatly reduces the amount of gardening and maintenance that has to go into the backyard each weekend. It doesn’t, however, completely remove the workload completely. Synthetic grass requires some maintenance to keep it looking good and to help it to remain “healthy”. […]

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The Easy Maintenance of Artificial Grass

The maintenance of artificial turf is a big bonus for homeowners trying to decide whether it’s worth installing it. There are maintenance tasks to perform but they are required to be performed on a far less frequent basis than the work required for natural grass. It stands to reason that synthetic grass is going to […]

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Replacing Worn Synthetic Grass

One of the often repeated attributes of having synthetic grass installed in your yard, on your tennis court or as a playground surface is that it is a durable, hard wearing covering. But that’s not to suggest that it won’t begin to wear and develop bald spots with frequent traffic. It most certainly will. The […]

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