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Indoor Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is not only used for outdoor purposes, although that is where the vast majority of use takes place. Indoor synthetic grass is in use for a number of sporting purposes, providing the perfect playing surface without the accompanying problems that you hear about with the outdoor applications. Indoor putting greens have great potential […]

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Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment

There are a lot of new responsibilities for a groundsman who has just inherited an artificial turf pitch to care for, quite different tasks to the maintenance tasks that would have been required when the field comprised of natural grass. Not only will there be new artificial grass maintenance tasks to perform but there will […]

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FIFA Artificial Turf Initiative In India

The push to convert soccer pitches from natural grass to artificial turf in India has been taken up by FIFA in a bid to help develop the sport in that country. At its own cost FIFA plans to install artificial turf fields in five football grounds in India. The top priority project is a ground […]

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FieldTurf And Penn State In Research Partnership

In big news for the future of synthetic turf sports surfaces in particular as well as the synthetic grass industry in general, a research partnership has been announced between synthetic turf leader FieldTurf and Penn State University. The result of this partnership is expected to be a state of the art facility that will be […]

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Synthetic Grass Infill and Alternatives To Rubber Granules

There is no doubt that artificial turf is becoming more widely popular as the surface covering of choice for football fields. The technology surrounding artificial turf and synthetic grass development has been advancing in all areas including the fiber technology, tuft technology and system installation. One of the crucial parts of an artificial turf system […]

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Synthetic Grass Surface Temperature Research

Concerns have been raised again that the surface of synthetic grass fields and parks are too hot to be usable during the summer months. A new study released by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and the Desert Research Institute (DRI) have found that the maximum surface temperature of artificial turf was around 69 […]

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