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The Synthetic Grass Argument Continues

The debate appears to continue over whether it is safe to install synthetic grass or not as a replacement for natural grass. Over the past couple of days I have come across news stories that have reported recent decisions that were made by local governments over whether or not synthetic grass was allowed to be […]

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Synthetic Grass Surface Temperature Research

Concerns have been raised again that the surface of synthetic grass fields and parks are too hot to be usable during the summer months. A new study released by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and the Desert Research Institute (DRI) have found that the maximum surface temperature of artificial turf was around 69 […]

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Remember, Sports Grass is Different to Landscape Synthetic Grass

Not all types of synthetic grass are the same and it is important to understand that the synthetic grass used for sports fields are not suitable as landscape synthetic grass. Early residential grass installation was done using the revolutionary new artificial grass product that was taking the sporting world, such as the NFL, by storm. […]

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Replacing Worn Synthetic Grass

One of the often repeated attributes of having synthetic grass installed in your yard, on your tennis court or as a playground surface is that it is a durable, hard wearing covering. But that’s not to suggest that it won’t begin to wear and develop bald spots with frequent traffic. It most certainly will. The […]

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How Synthetic Grass Is Made

The following overview of how synthetic grass is manufactured is not specific to any one manufacturing process because each brand will include their own addtions to provide certain benefits and advantages. Instead of trying to cover long and short knap grasses, this “How To” guide simply explains the materials and the construction of synthetic grass […]

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Synthetic Grass v Natural Grass – Residents Voice Opinions

The following is an actual reaction of community opinion and ideas for and against replacing a local playing field’s natural grass with synthetic grass. These  are the thoughts, concerns and ideas put forward before a decision was made in a Seattle playing field improvement project. Local residents, parents children and professionals all added their thoughts […]

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