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Third Generation Artificial Grass

The progression of artificial grass has been continuing ever since it was first laid down at the Houston AstroDome. The product that was used back in the 1960s looks nothing like the synthetic turf that is in use today with improvements made in just about every aspect of today‚Äôs 3rd generation artificial grass. So what […]

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Synthetic Grass Types – NewGrass

NewGrass is a popular and very successful brand of synthetic grass that is made by NewGrass LLC of Arizona and is then sold to a distribution network across the country. NewGrass has quickly made an enviable name for itself in the synthetic grass industry with a product that is certified as 100% eco-friendly. This environmental […]

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Polyethylene Grass Or Poly Fibre Synthetic Grass

The use of polyethylene as the exclusive component to make synthetic grass renders the grass safe from lead, a problem that has been concerning the synthetic grass industry in recent times. Synthetic grass that has been made from nylon fibers require a lead-based bonding agent in order for the pigment to adhere properly. It is […]

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The Pile of Synthetic Grass

One of the aspects of synthetic grass that may be overlooked by many propective buyers is the fact that you can choose a variety of grass pile lengths. Pile is the term for the upright blades of grass making up the synthetic grass surface. When installing a good fake grass product there is a priority […]

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Synthetic Grass Types – SYNLawn

SYNLawn is another leading synthetic grass player, taking on the roles of manufacturers, designers, producers and distributors of what they describe as the most advanced synthetic grass products on the market. SYNLawn covers the lawn and landscaping, golf putting greens and playground markets. The lawn and landscaping synthetic grass come in a range of lawn […]

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Synthetic Grass Types – FieldTurf

This is the first in a series of articles where I will take a look at various synthetic grass brands. The competition is fierce and all synthetic grass manufacturers are vying for the growing demand for their products. What has become apparent over recent times is that FieldTurf has become an artificial grass manufacturer that […]

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