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Artificial Golf Grass

Most of us are already aware that there are many examples of artificial putting greens around the country that have been used by professional and social golfers for practice. It has been generally acknowledged that these artificial surfaces have been valuable training aids because the grass is very similar to real grass putting greens. Now […]

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Artificial Grass And Landscaping

One of the big improvements in the world of artificial grass is the technology surrounding the look and feel of the grass and its place in the landscaping industry. These days it is getting even more difficult than before to tell the difference between real grass and artificial grass. Although there are some reservations about […]

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Importance of Stability Of the Artificial Grass Surface

There are a number of attributes that are considered to be very important when it comes to the nature of an artificial grass surface. In this instance we are talking about the way the surface performs as a sporting surface. The sports artificial grass, also referred commonly to as artificial turf, has a primary obligation […]

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Artificial Grass Rugs

Thinking of unusual uses for artificial grass for a moment, there is quite a steady demand for artificial grass rugs for use in sports themed rooms. It makes sense that if you want to buy a durable floor covering and you are going for the look and feel of a sports ground, an artificial grass […]

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Fake Grass For Dogs

There are a number of specific synthetic grass options that have been devised specifically with dogs in mind. These dog runs are made from synthetic grass that is both durable and hard wearing yet soft and receptive enough to make the family dog feel comfortable when using it. So what is it about a fake […]

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The Easy Maintenance of Artificial Grass

The maintenance of artificial turf is a big bonus for homeowners trying to decide whether it’s worth installing it. There are maintenance tasks to perform but they are required to be performed on a far less frequent basis than the work required for natural grass. It stands to reason that synthetic grass is going to […]

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