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The Argument Between Artificial and Natural Grass As Reported

There was an interesting discussion played out on San Diego Week about the comparison between artificial grass and natural grass. The initial footage takes you through the benefits and advantages of installing synthetic grass in your yard. The example given is a San Diego home where the owner has removed their grass in both the […]

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Recent Safety And Health Reports On Synthetic Turf

The ongoing debate on the safety of synthetic turf and the use of crumb rubber infill continues to prompt more research and analysis. Here are some of the findings from the last year or so that have been released by various government and independent agencies. The New York Health Department released a report on potential exposures […]

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The Synthetic Grass Argument Continues

The debate appears to continue over whether it is safe to install synthetic grass or not as a replacement for natural grass. Over the past couple of days I have come across news stories that have reported recent decisions that were made by local governments over whether or not synthetic grass was allowed to be […]

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