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Fake Grass For Dogs

There are a number of specific synthetic grass options that have been devised specifically with dogs in mind. These dog runs are made from synthetic grass that is both durable and hard wearing yet soft and receptive enough to make the family dog feel comfortable when using it. So what is it about a fake […]

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Synthetic Grass The Answer For Hay Fever Sufferers

There are many documented benefits that can be gained by replacing natural grass with a synthetic grass lawn from environmental to monetary to aesthetic appeal. One more benefit that is not identified as frequently as others is that something of a health benefit for a small section of the public. Every year at certain times […]

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How Is Pet Synthetic Grass Different To Other Synthetic Grass

Browsing through the products of the various synthetic grass suppliers you can’t help but notice that most of them sell a pet synthetic grass line separately to the other types of synthetic grasses. So the question must be asked: what is the difference between pet grass and the rest of the artificial grasses available? According […]

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