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Third Generation Artificial Grass

The progression of artificial grass has been continuing ever since it was first laid down at the Houston AstroDome. The product that was used back in the 1960s looks nothing like the synthetic turf that is in use today with improvements made in just about every aspect of today’s 3rd generation artificial grass. So what […]

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Recent Safety And Health Reports On Synthetic Turf

The ongoing debate on the safety of synthetic turf and the use of crumb rubber infill continues to prompt more research and analysis. Here are some of the findings from the last year or so that have been released by various government and independent agencies. The New York Health Department released a report on potential exposures […]

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Synthetic Grass Infill and Alternatives To Rubber Granules

There is no doubt that artificial turf is becoming more widely popular as the surface covering of choice for football fields. The technology surrounding artificial turf and synthetic grass development has been advancing in all areas including the fiber technology, tuft technology and system installation. One of the crucial parts of an artificial turf system […]

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