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Is It Worth Buying Cheap Artificial Turf?

We are all conditioned to trying to buy a bargain. This is the case no matter whether we are buying a house or a packet of diapers. The idea of losing out on a deal can blind us to the other side of the value coin. If we are getting an unbelievably great deal on […]

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A Multi-Sport Artificial Turf Ground In India

It has been a while in coming but a school in India has installed a multi-purpose artificial turf ground. The field has been installed at Fr Agnel Multipurpose high school in Mumbai, a modest SSC school. The field will be able to be used for sports such as hockey and football. With training and play […]

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Temporary Synthetic Turf

Artificial turf does not necessarily have to be permanently installed although this is the way the vast majority of locations operate. There are certain circumstances where it would be preferable to have the option of removing the synthetic turf as the situation changes. There has already been attempts to create different types of temporary synthetic […]

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EPA Study Results Into Synthetic Turf Grass Infill

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently issued a document detailing a limited-scope study into the use of recycled tires as the material for crumb rubber infill in artificial turf grass. As many may be aware there was grave concern over the health risks attributed to the use of crumb rubber infill and […]

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Synthetic Turf Council Is A Valuable Resource

The artificial turf industry has an association that has dedicated itself to providing a resource of information that come from trustworthy sources for the industry. If you want to find information about what is happening in the synthetic turf world you can be sure that the Synthetic Turf Council will provide an unbiased report. The […]

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Synthetic Turf Manufacturers

The field of synthetic turf manufacturers is getting larger as the industry continues to expand. The difficulty is making a distinction between the products produced by each of these companies, deciding on one product over another. The only way to do this, really is to make a comparison between the products themselves. Listed below is […]

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